Best ULTIMATE budget kit for pro photography EVER !!

What equipment to perform professional photography when you are close to your money

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

There are thousands of guides across the internet that give you random lists that advise you on why you must take something or other for your photographer’s carreer. And Amazon sometimes offers you all-in-one kits at prices that defy all competition. So you may be tempted to think that with this magic combo at less than 500 buckets, you’ll become the new Robert Capa


Let’s see together the different FUNDAMENTAL elements of a good photographer kit:

The device itself: for 500$ (yeah !)

Photo by Viran Kohli – on unsplash

It is the one who will condition all the other devices. This is due to compatibility and the choice of accessories. Sometimes we talk about system choices.

in video, it’s the opposite: we first choose the microphone, and the light before choosing the camera. because the accessories are very often independent.

First of all, I have a preference for Canon eos 750D/T6i. It is compact, rather recent, and it has wifi. a must-have criteria for me. it costs about as much as the 200D that was in the kit presented at the beginning of the article but it is MUCH better.
If you want to make video too, you will prefer the sony a6000. you stay on evolutive systems and correct sensors. for the same price. less pointed in photo but more comfortable with video. and it can be recharged by usb with a reliable powerbank

I still encourage to put a handful of extra bucks in the 800D : better processor, better reactivity in low light, and a handful menu with explanations to guide you if you are unfortunaly a very beginners (we can return to the classic menu at any time).

The objectives (between 1000 and 1500$)

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

You need 2 lenses: an all-in-one and a prime one

Canon side :

the legendary basic 50mm f/1.8 at 125$ or the 35mm f/2 at 500€
the 24–105mm F/4 L IS II USM off-road zoom made in canon at 1000€

Sony side :

the E mounted prime nifty fifty of sony start to the incredible price of 250$ minimum
and the all-in-one 18–105 f/4 at 600$

Sigma offers this all-in-one for canon or sony for 750$

Flash sound: about 100$

Photo by Luciano Zanollo on Unsplash

I recommend to take directly a flash capable of doing HSS, kit flashes don’t have this function. and yet, in the battlefield, you will be happy to be able to shoot more than 1/250 without having a black trace on the image. experience talking.

Canon side :

the Neewer NW680

Sony side :


THE REST: 150$

Photo by Sead Dedić on Unsplash

A good photo backpack: 50$

Nonone love to search lenses between some cables, plugs and rags in the bag. when the time come up, few seconds can be game breaking

Amazon has a basic bag for device and laptop but depending on your needs (waterproof, laptop space, antistealth, powerbank ready, drone ready, etc…), you will adjust


You need one : lightweight and strong
like the Geekoto 77″ for less than 80 buckets

Power management

2 spare batteries (MINIMUM) + battery charger : 50$

Memory management

a memory card reader in usb 3.0 : 10$

at least 2 high speed memory cards: 20$ /pcs
SDXC Ultra 64 GB from sandisk

An external hard drive: 50$
Toshiba 1 tera


Photo by Dion Tavenier on Unsplash

Drone (For God view)

Dji spark white edition

Sport Camera (For Sport, Hyperlapse and Slomo)

Gopro hero 5 with accessories

You can see all this stuff on my Kit account

I‘m open for questions


the bush geek

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